Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arctic Surf? Sea Temps at Record Highs

Surface temperatures of the world's oceans are at their highest levels since records have been kept says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This is particularly bad news for people living on the Atlantic coast as rising ocean temperatures fuel hurricanes and raise sea levels.

The NOAA report also states that the Arctic sea ice contines to melt at a record pace shrinking 5.6 percent below the 1979-2000 average extent.

Preliminary data extrapolated by the National Climatic Data Center reports that sea level temperatures for the month of June were 1.06°F above the 20th century average. To pour salt on the wound the NCDC also reports that land and sea temps combined for the second warmest June in history behind June 2005. At just over 61°F the global temperature rose 1.12°F over the 20th century average.

The G8 recently agreed that a rise in global temperatures of two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels would set off a catastrophic chain of events. While many environmental groups chastised the G8 for setting distant and ambiguous targets it should be noted that the record temperatures that the NOAA has reported on for June 2009 are a little more than one half a degree Celsius.

Inland, the temperature-related energy demand for June was up two percent. Depending on where you live in America you were either using your air-conditioner too much or in the case of North Dakota, which had a record cold June, using your furnace to warm up.

While warming ocean temps may seem like a good thing if you surf do we really want to be surfing the Arctic?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

Amy Winehouse dresses up for a recent court appearance.

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...and one easy on the eyes pic.

BMW Owners Show Hemp’s No Longer Just for Hippies

Sex-for-marijuana sting in Tigard goes to pot
14 Children’s Show Characters That Were Probably Potheads
Did Anti-Drug Propaganda Help Bring About a Psychedelic Renaissance?
The Marijuana Song
City of LA Has More Pot Clinics Than Starbucks Stores
Dipped Art
Did Shakespeare Puff on "Noted Weed"?
Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?
Sign the Petition: Legalize Marijuana in Australia
The Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Grow Hemp

Some places have centerfolds or a pet of the month, Estoy Pacheco has his Roach Clip of the Week. This week's Roach Clip is Amy Winehouse.

The human train wreck, better known for looking like a junkie in recent years instead of her golden pipes, had a court date recently. Amy seems to have learned a trick or two on her road to Hell, namely don't look like a junkie when you show up to court - a lesson that everyone who has experienced the legal system knows.

Did it work? She beat the assault rap.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Purple Haze - New Pop mimics Pot

Would Jimi drink Drank? Try saying that five times fast.
In a world gone mad from caffeine rushes in a can comes the antithesis of meth in a can. Sold under a tag line that urges you to "slow your roll" Drank is generating a buzz as the drink to chill you out and has been compared to liquid marijuana. Claims, no doubt that the company is in no rush to quash. When Ludacris is featured on your website's media page the purple flavored concoction is bound to draw some yum yum references.

Using natural doses of herbal delights including Valerian root and rose hips Drank also contains a synthetic dose of melatonin - a naturally occurring hormone produced in the brain (cue the Cypress Hill music). The bottled buzz is "formulated to relax the body, mind and soul."

Just in case you get any ideas, the purple haze flavored pop comes with a label: WARNING! This beverage may be extremely relaxing and calming.

But is Drank the drink for you? The Innovative Beverage Group is targeting Drank to the hip hop community, athletes and workout freaks, students, professionals, insomniacs and jet-setters. What? no paranoid potheads? Or is "insomniac" a euphemism for the grungy guy you get your stash from. He definitely needs to chill with a can of Drank.

Drank is available from coast to coast with the exception of the northeast, the northwest and New York. I can picture the scene in Times Square as someone emerges from the shadows promising you a Drank but passing you a Kool-Aid.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chicago Green Fest Gets the Green Light

Estoy Pacheco is always intrigued when he hears that there is a green music festival happening somewhere. Even when the focus is on the other green - the environment. Chicago's Green Music Fest hits the Windy City's Eckhart Park on August 15-16th. Art Brut headlines the Saturday show while Lucero closes out the weekend festival on the following night.

The festival "reflects the hip and environmentally-conscious West Town community by fusing original live music with all green vendors and services" according to the website. Speaking of hip, Tapes n' Tapes is also playing opening night at what will surely be an annual music festival.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raise a cheer to pot wine... if you don't get arrested first

Pot wine, that cool refreshing drink.
An Australia man was given a 16 month suspended sentence for possession of weed. It wasn't the possession charge that got him some ink in the local press it was the purpose of the weed.

Raymond Keith Crosthwaite, 64 of Chillagoe (cool name!) claimed the pot was to be used for making marijuana wine to help ease his back pain.

Famous Ray was busted with 285 plants and 26 000 seeds. For some reason the report says that the plants weigh about two total! In case you were wondering what 26 000 seeds weigh, wonder no more. The constabulary has them weighing in at 271 grams - about half a pound.

Josh Trevino, representing the defense, said his client's recipe - found online - called for a half pound of weed per batch. There was no evidence presented as to whether Crosthwaite actually made any batches before the bust.

In the interests of investigative journalism Estoy Pacheco scoured the Interweb for a pot wine recipe to share with the masses. This is for entertainment purposes only. Would you really tempt the fates and risk that much weed on an experiment?

This is what we found at Gardens Cure. The recipe linked back to a page that no longer exists.


2 gallons boiling water (spring water is best)
4 - 8 ounces (fresh) marijauna stalks, leaves, branches
5 pounds sugar OR 8 pounds honey
3 oranges, sliced
3 lemons, sliced
2 cakes yeast (get this from a wine & beer store)


Place fresh cannabis in the boiling water, add sugar, orange and lemon slices, remove from heat and let stand for several days. Add yeast after straining into a clean container - a crock, glass jug, or carboy (get from beermaking store). Then let the mixture ferment for at least two weeks (4 is better) before racking and corking.

It all sounds a little too complicated for Estoy Pacheco who will continue to smoke his smoke and drink his drink and not experiment with drinking his smoke and smoking his drink.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Making of a Pot Star: The Jet Baker Interview Part II

In part one of our Jet Baker interview The Making of a Pot Star Jet told us all about his big break through High Times and touched on his work with Texas NORML. We delved into Jet's creative process and discussed the music he makes.

In Part II Jet gets personal, talks about musical influences and the decision to be made between weed or hash.

Please ensure that your safety belts are fastened, we are getting ready for lift-off...

EP: When we began this interview you were getting ready to play an event in support of Texas NORML in Austin. Are there any other dates beyond NORML on the horizon?
Jet: I’m planning some shows but I am not ready to announce the tour yet. It will be in select U.S. cities and several countries in Europe.

EP: Fave venue so far?
Jet: To perform at the Melkveg in Amsterdam is a rush. And my shows at Ruta Maya in Austin, Texas are a blast too. Each show and venue is different and the audience is (different) too. It makes my performance new to me each time.

EP: What is your ultimate dream venue?
Jet: I’d like to perform at the Superbowl.

EP: You produce your own CDs, tell us about the studio experience. Where do you record?
Jet: I record in my home studio. It’s great because I can record whenever I feel the inspiration.

EP: Featured musicians?
Jet: Over the years I’ve had some great guest musicians. I enjoy working with others. I like to have a female voice on my discs. P. Kat has been on five of my CDs now, before her it was Lusciouselle and Anita Hit. I’ve also had Danny Dingle and Jess play guitar on a few tracks.

EP: You came out on your MySpace page...
Jet: I wanted to get that out of the way. I thought that once I said that I was gay then that would be the end of it. Now here I am, the first interview after the announcement and I’m taking about it.

Here’s how I really feel – the only people who should be interested in my sexual preference are people who are interested in "gettin with me." In that case I’ll take it on a case-by-case basis.

LOL, otherwise I don’t think who I sleep with should matter to anyone. However, I am a realist. I know it matters to some (people). I know there are some haters. That's their problem, not mine.

It’s hard sometimes for young - or older - gays in our society. It seems like (we are) one of the last groups it’s okay to discriminate against. I’ve had a lot of correspondence since I came out from closeted gay people thanking me. One dude wrote, “You’re the coolest gay ever.” That’s my favorite comment ever!

EP: Do you think that coming out will affect your fanbase adversely or positively?
Jet: I think (coming out) will bring in more fans. First off, anyone who’s ever heard my music or heard me say cannabissss – with four ssss, um, they usually kinda figure it out. It shouldn’t be a shock to my fans.

I do hope it’ll get some more gay pot smokers involved in NORML and other pro cannabis reform organizations. I know there are lots of gays and lesbians who smoke cannabis. I don’t think that a lot of them are involved in the reform movement.

EP:Does it matter what others think?
Jet: I hope stoner fans will connect with my message of peace, love and marijuana. If they feel these ideas then I don’t think it’ll be an issue for them. Everyone can think what they want. Hopefully, people think from a place of love and not hate.

A change in flight path...
EP: Musical highlight to date?
Jet: I’m the luckiest stoner in the world. I won that High Times contest and that started it all for me. That’s go the biggest break I had. This year I performed my Pot Patriot songs on the steps of the state capital at the Texas Cannabis Crusade.

It was empowering marching down the street with thousands of pro cannabis activists and then to perform on the steps was a trip. Some legislators were peeking out the windows. I’m hoping we opened some eyes to relegalization that day.

EP: ...Gettin' some backstage?
Jet: I never expect it or even think about lookin' for a hook-up after a show. It always surprises me when I realize somebody is hittin' on me. I won’t give details but yeah, I’ve got some back stage.

EP: What are you listening to right now?
Jet: New Black Eyed Peas.

EP: What do you wish was on your iPod right now?
Jet: Kings of Leon.

EP: Fave way to unwind?
Jet: Ummmmmmmmmmm...a pinch of KB in a nice, clean, glass bong.

Weed or hash?
Jet: Kind weed.

EP: Paper or pipe?
Jet: Bong.

EP: Three people that you would like to share a spliff with (even if they pass) that you know you never will?
Jet: George Washington, Barney Frank, President Obama – Yes we cannabis!

Prepare for landing...
EP: What three songs/artists (other than you) turn you on with reference to
Jet: I’m impressed with the Kottonmouth Kings. They are very hard working guys. They’ve worked their asses off to get the huge success they’ve achieved. Their fans are undeniably fans for life. Kottonmouth Kings isn’t just a band anymore - It’s a lifestyle. My favorite song from them is Positive Vibes.

The song Ride Wit Me by Nelly made a big impression on me when it came out. Talkin' about puffin in a limo (even though it was edited out on radio everyone new it was a pot song.) It was a huge song, mainstream with weed references. And it wasn’t a goofy novelty song like (Because) I Got High.

Bob MarleyOne Love. This song should be the official Planet Earth Anthem.

We hope that you enjoyed flying Estoy Pacheco. We'd like to thank Jet Baker for the in-flight entertainment and as you leave us and continue with your journey we remind our fellow sky pilots that they can find Jet, here, here, here and here. Hell, Jet is everywhere!