Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arctic Surf? Sea Temps at Record Highs

Surface temperatures of the world's oceans are at their highest levels since records have been kept says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This is particularly bad news for people living on the Atlantic coast as rising ocean temperatures fuel hurricanes and raise sea levels.

The NOAA report also states that the Arctic sea ice contines to melt at a record pace shrinking 5.6 percent below the 1979-2000 average extent.

Preliminary data extrapolated by the National Climatic Data Center reports that sea level temperatures for the month of June were 1.06°F above the 20th century average. To pour salt on the wound the NCDC also reports that land and sea temps combined for the second warmest June in history behind June 2005. At just over 61°F the global temperature rose 1.12°F over the 20th century average.

The G8 recently agreed that a rise in global temperatures of two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels would set off a catastrophic chain of events. While many environmental groups chastised the G8 for setting distant and ambiguous targets it should be noted that the record temperatures that the NOAA has reported on for June 2009 are a little more than one half a degree Celsius.

Inland, the temperature-related energy demand for June was up two percent. Depending on where you live in America you were either using your air-conditioner too much or in the case of North Dakota, which had a record cold June, using your furnace to warm up.

While warming ocean temps may seem like a good thing if you surf do we really want to be surfing the Arctic?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

Amy Winehouse dresses up for a recent court appearance.

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...and one easy on the eyes pic.

BMW Owners Show Hemp’s No Longer Just for Hippies

Sex-for-marijuana sting in Tigard goes to pot
14 Children’s Show Characters That Were Probably Potheads
Did Anti-Drug Propaganda Help Bring About a Psychedelic Renaissance?
The Marijuana Song
City of LA Has More Pot Clinics Than Starbucks Stores
Dipped Art
Did Shakespeare Puff on "Noted Weed"?
Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?
Sign the Petition: Legalize Marijuana in Australia
The Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Grow Hemp

Some places have centerfolds or a pet of the month, Estoy Pacheco has his Roach Clip of the Week. This week's Roach Clip is Amy Winehouse.

The human train wreck, better known for looking like a junkie in recent years instead of her golden pipes, had a court date recently. Amy seems to have learned a trick or two on her road to Hell, namely don't look like a junkie when you show up to court - a lesson that everyone who has experienced the legal system knows.

Did it work? She beat the assault rap.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Purple Haze - New Pop mimics Pot

Would Jimi drink Drank? Try saying that five times fast.
In a world gone mad from caffeine rushes in a can comes the antithesis of meth in a can. Sold under a tag line that urges you to "slow your roll" Drank is generating a buzz as the drink to chill you out and has been compared to liquid marijuana. Claims, no doubt that the company is in no rush to quash. When Ludacris is featured on your website's media page the purple flavored concoction is bound to draw some yum yum references.

Using natural doses of herbal delights including Valerian root and rose hips Drank also contains a synthetic dose of melatonin - a naturally occurring hormone produced in the brain (cue the Cypress Hill music). The bottled buzz is "formulated to relax the body, mind and soul."

Just in case you get any ideas, the purple haze flavored pop comes with a label: WARNING! This beverage may be extremely relaxing and calming.

But is Drank the drink for you? The Innovative Beverage Group is targeting Drank to the hip hop community, athletes and workout freaks, students, professionals, insomniacs and jet-setters. What? no paranoid potheads? Or is "insomniac" a euphemism for the grungy guy you get your stash from. He definitely needs to chill with a can of Drank.

Drank is available from coast to coast with the exception of the northeast, the northwest and New York. I can picture the scene in Times Square as someone emerges from the shadows promising you a Drank but passing you a Kool-Aid.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chicago Green Fest Gets the Green Light

Estoy Pacheco is always intrigued when he hears that there is a green music festival happening somewhere. Even when the focus is on the other green - the environment. Chicago's Green Music Fest hits the Windy City's Eckhart Park on August 15-16th. Art Brut headlines the Saturday show while Lucero closes out the weekend festival on the following night.

The festival "reflects the hip and environmentally-conscious West Town community by fusing original live music with all green vendors and services" according to the website. Speaking of hip, Tapes n' Tapes is also playing opening night at what will surely be an annual music festival.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raise a cheer to pot wine... if you don't get arrested first

Pot wine, that cool refreshing drink.
An Australia man was given a 16 month suspended sentence for possession of weed. It wasn't the possession charge that got him some ink in the local press it was the purpose of the weed.

Raymond Keith Crosthwaite, 64 of Chillagoe (cool name!) claimed the pot was to be used for making marijuana wine to help ease his back pain.

Famous Ray was busted with 285 plants and 26 000 seeds. For some reason the report says that the plants weigh about two total! In case you were wondering what 26 000 seeds weigh, wonder no more. The constabulary has them weighing in at 271 grams - about half a pound.

Josh Trevino, representing the defense, said his client's recipe - found online - called for a half pound of weed per batch. There was no evidence presented as to whether Crosthwaite actually made any batches before the bust.

In the interests of investigative journalism Estoy Pacheco scoured the Interweb for a pot wine recipe to share with the masses. This is for entertainment purposes only. Would you really tempt the fates and risk that much weed on an experiment?

This is what we found at Gardens Cure. The recipe linked back to a page that no longer exists.


2 gallons boiling water (spring water is best)
4 - 8 ounces (fresh) marijauna stalks, leaves, branches
5 pounds sugar OR 8 pounds honey
3 oranges, sliced
3 lemons, sliced
2 cakes yeast (get this from a wine & beer store)


Place fresh cannabis in the boiling water, add sugar, orange and lemon slices, remove from heat and let stand for several days. Add yeast after straining into a clean container - a crock, glass jug, or carboy (get from beermaking store). Then let the mixture ferment for at least two weeks (4 is better) before racking and corking.

It all sounds a little too complicated for Estoy Pacheco who will continue to smoke his smoke and drink his drink and not experiment with drinking his smoke and smoking his drink.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Making of a Pot Star: The Jet Baker Interview Part II

In part one of our Jet Baker interview The Making of a Pot Star Jet told us all about his big break through High Times and touched on his work with Texas NORML. We delved into Jet's creative process and discussed the music he makes.

In Part II Jet gets personal, talks about musical influences and the decision to be made between weed or hash.

Please ensure that your safety belts are fastened, we are getting ready for lift-off...

EP: When we began this interview you were getting ready to play an event in support of Texas NORML in Austin. Are there any other dates beyond NORML on the horizon?
Jet: I’m planning some shows but I am not ready to announce the tour yet. It will be in select U.S. cities and several countries in Europe.

EP: Fave venue so far?
Jet: To perform at the Melkveg in Amsterdam is a rush. And my shows at Ruta Maya in Austin, Texas are a blast too. Each show and venue is different and the audience is (different) too. It makes my performance new to me each time.

EP: What is your ultimate dream venue?
Jet: I’d like to perform at the Superbowl.

EP: You produce your own CDs, tell us about the studio experience. Where do you record?
Jet: I record in my home studio. It’s great because I can record whenever I feel the inspiration.

EP: Featured musicians?
Jet: Over the years I’ve had some great guest musicians. I enjoy working with others. I like to have a female voice on my discs. P. Kat has been on five of my CDs now, before her it was Lusciouselle and Anita Hit. I’ve also had Danny Dingle and Jess play guitar on a few tracks.

EP: You came out on your MySpace page...
Jet: I wanted to get that out of the way. I thought that once I said that I was gay then that would be the end of it. Now here I am, the first interview after the announcement and I’m taking about it.

Here’s how I really feel – the only people who should be interested in my sexual preference are people who are interested in "gettin with me." In that case I’ll take it on a case-by-case basis.

LOL, otherwise I don’t think who I sleep with should matter to anyone. However, I am a realist. I know it matters to some (people). I know there are some haters. That's their problem, not mine.

It’s hard sometimes for young - or older - gays in our society. It seems like (we are) one of the last groups it’s okay to discriminate against. I’ve had a lot of correspondence since I came out from closeted gay people thanking me. One dude wrote, “You’re the coolest gay ever.” That’s my favorite comment ever!

EP: Do you think that coming out will affect your fanbase adversely or positively?
Jet: I think (coming out) will bring in more fans. First off, anyone who’s ever heard my music or heard me say cannabissss – with four ssss, um, they usually kinda figure it out. It shouldn’t be a shock to my fans.

I do hope it’ll get some more gay pot smokers involved in NORML and other pro cannabis reform organizations. I know there are lots of gays and lesbians who smoke cannabis. I don’t think that a lot of them are involved in the reform movement.

EP:Does it matter what others think?
Jet: I hope stoner fans will connect with my message of peace, love and marijuana. If they feel these ideas then I don’t think it’ll be an issue for them. Everyone can think what they want. Hopefully, people think from a place of love and not hate.

A change in flight path...
EP: Musical highlight to date?
Jet: I’m the luckiest stoner in the world. I won that High Times contest and that started it all for me. That’s go the biggest break I had. This year I performed my Pot Patriot songs on the steps of the state capital at the Texas Cannabis Crusade.

It was empowering marching down the street with thousands of pro cannabis activists and then to perform on the steps was a trip. Some legislators were peeking out the windows. I’m hoping we opened some eyes to relegalization that day.

EP: ...Gettin' some backstage?
Jet: I never expect it or even think about lookin' for a hook-up after a show. It always surprises me when I realize somebody is hittin' on me. I won’t give details but yeah, I’ve got some back stage.

EP: What are you listening to right now?
Jet: New Black Eyed Peas.

EP: What do you wish was on your iPod right now?
Jet: Kings of Leon.

EP: Fave way to unwind?
Jet: Ummmmmmmmmmm...a pinch of KB in a nice, clean, glass bong.

Weed or hash?
Jet: Kind weed.

EP: Paper or pipe?
Jet: Bong.

EP: Three people that you would like to share a spliff with (even if they pass) that you know you never will?
Jet: George Washington, Barney Frank, President Obama – Yes we cannabis!

Prepare for landing...
EP: What three songs/artists (other than you) turn you on with reference to
Jet: I’m impressed with the Kottonmouth Kings. They are very hard working guys. They’ve worked their asses off to get the huge success they’ve achieved. Their fans are undeniably fans for life. Kottonmouth Kings isn’t just a band anymore - It’s a lifestyle. My favorite song from them is Positive Vibes.

The song Ride Wit Me by Nelly made a big impression on me when it came out. Talkin' about puffin in a limo (even though it was edited out on radio everyone new it was a pot song.) It was a huge song, mainstream with weed references. And it wasn’t a goofy novelty song like (Because) I Got High.

Bob MarleyOne Love. This song should be the official Planet Earth Anthem.

We hope that you enjoyed flying Estoy Pacheco. We'd like to thank Jet Baker for the in-flight entertainment and as you leave us and continue with your journey we remind our fellow sky pilots that they can find Jet, here, here, here and here. Hell, Jet is everywhere!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

Pot fan Sarah Silverman is up for an Emmy.
News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...and one stop motion link that will leave you in tears.

Is Big Pharma Trying to Take All the Fun out of Pot?
Top Ramen Noodle recipe with Marijuana
Snohomish County a marijuana hotbed
42.0 Milestones in the History of Marijuana
Superhero slideshow
Marijuana Use Associated With a “Significantly Reduced Risk” of Head and Neck Cancers — Will The Mainstream Media Care?
Marijuana U
Two years of toking it up: No citations issued since Measure Y downgraded pot enforcement
Man Busted With Portable Marijuana Farm
Cop Accidentally Reveals the Wisdom of Marijuana Legalization

Some places have centerfolds or a pet of the month, Estoy Pacheco has his Roach Clip of the Week. This week's Roach Clip is Sarah Silverman.

No stranger to pot, Sarah is up for an Emmy award for her role in...uh...The Sarah Silverman Program. Having never watched the show I couldn't tell you anything about it. I did laugh at a joke once, but I was high. I laughed when I found out my grandmother died, but I was high. I have no idea whether Sarah Silverman is funny. She slept with Jimmy Kimmel - he's funny!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cannabis Science Receives FDA Industry Guidelines for Mapping Out Its Initial Drugs Offerings for FDA Submission and Testing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (MARKET WIRE) Cannabis Science Inc., an emerging pharmaceutical cannabis company, is pleased to report that the FDA has provided the Company with documentation to assist the Company to review and plan its initial applications to get its first drug into formal testing.

Cannabis Science, Inc. President & CEO Dr. Robert Melamede stated, "After speaking directly with the FDA discussing our products and initiatives I was pleasantly surprised with the hands on approach they have with helping us map our path to get our products into testing. We have a ways to go, but I am very optimistic that we have an opportunity to have more than one product in testing and trials at the same time. We have an exciting new initiative we plan to announce shortly and I would like to thank our current and future shareholders for helping to make this happen."

Cannabis Science H1N1 Swine Flu Formulation:
We now know that the endocannabinoid system plays a critical role in maintaining human health. The human body produces Endocannabinoids on demand when they are needed. They help restore homeostasis (biochemical balance). The Cannabis plant produces Phytocannabinoids. When the human body has endocannabinoid deficiencies, it cannot effectively restore the healthy biochemical state needed to counter a particular illness. Phytocannabinoids from the Cannabis plant can replace the deficient endocannabinoid activity in the human body to restore a health-promoting level of cannabinoid activity. Cannabis Science will test its cannabis extract lozenge with FDA guidance and oversight to determine if it will reduce ARDS-associated deaths from both the Avian and Swine influenza infections.

H1N1 Swine Flu:
According to the CDC ( the Avian flu (H5N1) has a 63% mortality rate. Unfortunately, the Swine flu, while causing death at a much lower rate than the Avian flu, appears to also result in death via a similar mechanism. The common cause of death with these strains is organ failure, especially as seen in the lungs with the development of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). ARDS is caused by an excess immune-generated inflammatory response that leads to apoptosis (cell death) and subsequently to organ failure. The Company's approach will mimic how the human body uses endocannabinoids (cannabinoids that occur naturally in the body) to regulate immune activity and cell survival, by regulating inflammatory biochemistry. Excessive inflammatory responses are associated with numerous disease states including autoimmune diseases, neurological imbalances, and cardiovascular disease. Phytocannabinoids provide a natural means to supplement illness-specific endocannabinoid deficiencies.

About Cannabis Science, Inc.
Cannabis Science, Inc. is at the forefront of medical marijuana research and development. The Company works with world authorities on phytocannabinoid science targeting critical illnesses, and adheres to scientific methodologies to develop, produce, and commercialize phytocannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products. In sum, we are dedicated to the creation of cannabis-based medicines, both with and without psychoactive properties, to treat disease and the symptoms of disease, as well as for general health maintenance.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Riding off into the sunset

John Marmaduke Dawson who wrote the Riders of the Purple Sage's ode to marijuana - Panama Red died last week in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Dawson, 64, formed the group along with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead in 1969. The group was often used as a refuge for members of the Dead who would appear on albums and tour with the Riders over the years.

Ironically, Panama Red was the group's sole gold record in 1973.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Making of a Pot Star: The Jet Baker Interview Part I

Jet Baker - Pot Star!
If you do more than smoke marijuana then you have heard of Jet Baker. The singer, songwriter, and all-around NORML guy from Texas has been ubiquitous in counter-culture circles. Performing at a NORML event in Austin, Texas this weekend Jet took time out from his busy schedule to talk with Estoy Pacheco.

This is part I of that interview - the making of a pot star.

EP: You are doing a gig for NORML in Austin, Texas this weekend. How did that come about?
Jet: I saw my name on the flyer for the party. A friend of mine showed it to me. Soon after I was asked by TXNORML to perform at the event. They said they knew I’d do it if I was in town.

They were right.

EP: Are you a card carrying member of NORML?
Jet: I’m a member of Texas NORML.

EP: Your affiliation with NORML dates back to when?
Jet: 2002 and 2003 I performed at some Chicago pro cannabis events co-sponsored by NORML.

EP: When did the focus of your music veer towards all things marijuana?
Jet: I entered an won a High Times Contest in the summer of 2000. The contest was to send in a video explaining why you should be one of six winners sent to Amsterdam, locked on a houseboat with 19 cannabis strains for three days. It was High Times first "alternative reality" show – The Cannabis Castaways. It’s on YouTube, check it out.

That’s how it all started for me. The next year I was asked back to emcee the event. I’ve been back every year since working on the crew and hosting the Wake and Bake Show.

EP: What was the first song you wrote about?
Jet: Before I met High Times my music was the same, just without the weed. I wrote about positive ideas like peace, love, cooperation, etc. My music still contains these ideas in the context of the cannabis lyrics.

EP: What was the theme of the first pot song that you wrote?
Jet: I wrote Stonerville (It’s on my Coffee Shop CD). After two months of recuperating after winning the High Times contest I wanted to capture the feelings and sights of my trip. The Coffee Shop CD is my interpretation of the Amsterdam coffee shop scene through the highest eyes of my life.

EP: You are quite prolific, Jet.
Jet: Yeah. I write a lot more songs than I ever record.

EP: Do you really right a new song a day?
Jet: I write beats or lyrics most days. Sometimes the songs flow quickly and sometimes I leave and come back later.

EP: Does herb get your creative juices flowing or is it a stone cold process for you?
Jet: Yes. Cannabis enhances creativity for me.

EP: How many discs do you have out?
Jet: I have nine discs out now – 114 tracks on iTunes and all download sites world wide.

EP: When is the next disc due?
Jet: I’ve written a country CD. I want to record it with a band so...however long that takes. In the meantime I am working on another hip hop/electronic disc for early 2010. I also have a dance remix disc, with "disco versions" of songs from many of my CDs. It will be out for the holidays 2009!
EP: Title?
Jet: I’m not ready to put that out yet.

EP: Signed to any label?
Jet: No. I don’t think you need one in this digital age.

So concludes Part I of The Making of a Pot Star: The Jet Baker Interview. In Part II Jet gets personal, talks about musical influences and the decision to be made between weed or hash.

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

Pot advocate Megan Fox.

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...and one story included for the comments. We do have a voice!

Most ‘Trusted Man In America’, Also Supported Marijuana Law Reform
Marijuana Is Gateway Drug for Two Debates
Why we say yes to drugs
Pot Scarce in Newfoundland: Drug User
California Sprouts 'Green Rush' From Marijuana
Mouse Party
Weed Firecracker Recipe
Give me a head with hair
With 'Med Pot' Raids Halted, Selling Grass Grows Greener
Driven to drink by marijuana laws?
Rare Sighting: Pro-Marijuana Reference In A Video Game

Some places have centerfolds or a pet of the month, Estoy Pacheco has his Roach Clip of the Week. This week's Roach Clip is Megan Fox.

No stranger to pot, Megan tells Esquire that High School Musical is some twisted drama. We'll let her explain it. "OK, well, let me tell you what it's really about. High School Musical is about this group of boys who are all being molested by the basketball coach, who is Zac Efron's dad. It's about them struggling to cope with this molestation. And they have these little girlfriends, who are their beards. Oh, and somehow there's music involved. You have to get stoned and watch it." Sorry Megan, getting stoned ain't gonna get Estoy Pacheco to watch that movie.

We could have put Lebron James up as our first male Roach Clip but what would you have preferred? Lebron or Megan?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Story behind Moonshine and Herbs Hit "Legalize Weed" Video

What did you expect? Its moonshine and herbs!

Moonshine and Herbs created an Internet buzz last month with their paean to marijuana - Legalize Weed.

If you haven't heard it yet, you will be singing the chorus halfway through your first listen.

Despite the down-home bluegrass feel to Legalize Weed the trio from Canton, Georgia rock a little harder on their other tracks. But it is Legalize Weed that has people talking about the boys that comprise Moonshine and Herbs - Andbrick 'Steve' Williams, Eric C and Alonzo Greer.

Zo spoke to us recently to tell us how the song came about. Take it away Zo!

Writing Legalize Weed
"Well the three of us were hanging out one night feeling pretty good with a few beers and some herbs and talking politics and world events. Then Steve, who wrote and sings the song, says that we need to write the revolutionary 'free the weed' song.

"We all agreed and to my surprise the next day Steve said that he got it and played it for me. I came up with the bass line and we worked it out for about a week or so before we were able to get with our drummer E and record it. It was only about two takes and that's it!"

The Shafer Commission
The video for the song borrows heavily from news reels over the last 40 years, taking us on a chronological trip through the ages from the Shafer Commission to Barack Obama. The Shafer Commission - named after chairman Raymond P. Shafer - is otherwise known as the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse which had recommended that marijuana be temporarily placed in the most restrictive category of drugs - Schedule I. (Ed.-It was hard to get a "j" in the early 70's so people were into using "h" when spelling marijuana.)

Shafer, as Chairman, presented his report, Marijuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding, to Congress in 1972. One of the key recommendations in the report called for decriminalization of simple possession. President Nixon passed on Shafer's recommendations. In fact Nixon passed on almost all the recs. But the report did stir up hope among libertarians at the time and made the nightly newscasts. Snippets of these reports form the basis for the Legalize Weed video.

Making the Video
"Everything on the video is just stuff I got off of YouTube to get an idea of what I wanted the video to be about," says Zo. "Its really just a sampler video and not yet close to being completed, kinda like the track."

While the video may be a sampler it is serving as a calling card for Moonshine and Herbs as the band is looking to strike a record deal. Together as a unit for less than a year the braintrust of Moonshine and Herbs - Steve and Zo - have been honing their writing skills together for two and a half years. The duo continue to write new music while narrowing down selections for a future CD release.

Herbs and the Creative Process
"Well, we love to burn the herbs and get into a good groove," says Zo with regards to weed affecting the band's creative process. "Without a doubt, depending on the herbs, a creative mediation can lead to something inspirational. We love the herbs but whether they are available or not our creativity never goes away."

That free flowing creativity may explain one of the band's more peculiar projects.

"We are currently working on a couple of projects including a jingle that we have written for a Finnish company called ScanBev. Hopefully it will be used to promote one of their new beverages."

Are you singing the chorus yet?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oakland Passes Pot Tax

They went and did it!

The city of Oakland will now become the first municipality in the nation to formally tax marijuana. A resounding 80 percent of the votes in a special write in amendment were cast in favor of the pot tax provision.

Scheduled to come into effect on New Year's day the new tax will add more than a quarter million bucks to the cash-strapped city's coffers.

Known as Measure F, the tax will affect all pot clubs in Oakland. There are more than 800 pot clubs in California that are ripe for taxation by the state.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slavery on Britain's cannabis farms

So that's why the smoke in the UK is cheaper.

Children - particularly from Vietnam and China - are being trafficked to the UK to work as slaves in illegal cannabis farms.

These 'farms', run by organised crime gangs, are often situated in suburban houses. The children, generally aged between 14 and 16, are smuggled into the country before being locked in the houses to water cannabis plants. They have been found sleeping in cupboards or attics to make more space for plants, and are at constant risk of fire or electrocution due to illegal rewiring of electricity supplies.

Rather than being treated as victims, these children frequently suffer a second ordeal upon discovery by the authorities. A 2007 Home Office report on child trafficking describes how at least four Vietnamese children of the twenty two in the dataset were not identified as victims of trafficking and were arrested for cannabis cultivation.

Get more from the source...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Black Kurt Cobain Does Hip Hop

Late for Soundcheck is the latest disc from the black Kurt Cobain - Stix.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit was my first favorite song by any artist of all genres," says hip-hop artist Stix in response to his claim that he is the black Kurt Cobain. "He was a huge influence for the youth as far as music is concerned. He had a interesting following, and that's where our similarities are."

While he sounds more like Jay Z than Kurt Cobain the musician born and raised in Watts is hoping to influence another generation of youth with his own musical stylings. Stix has made it a point to reach out to today's youth and has played small tours of inner-city schools, keeping it real and letting them know that anybody can be anybody if they work at it.

In case you get the idea that Stix is only playing school gymnasiums, he has cut his chops with six years of roadwork from coast-to-coast and around the world. These gigs include playing his favorite venue - the Staples Center and "performing on stage with Doug E. Fresh at the Aruba Jazz Festival." Playing to a crowd of more than 60,000 on a beach was an experience that Stix describes as, "Insane!"

But that was then, this is now and I'm Fly is the first single off his upcoming Late for Soundcheck CD that drops on August 18. "I kept the featured musicians limited because I wanted the listener to focus on me," says Stix with regards to the recording process for Soundcheck. "So really, the only big name featured on my album is Tyrese."

Stix has recorded often at Backhouze Studios in Watts."Backhouze has the best sound I've ever recorded in out of the hundreds of studios I have been too. Then I did a little recording at Headquarter Studios in Hollywood.

"It was a long period," he says with regards to finding the groove that he was looking for on Late for Soundcheck. "It took me a couple of years to finally get the sound and direction together because music evolves and changes so much."

Those years show that Stix is in the game. As the game and the music evolve he has collaborated with many other musicians including Bobby Valentino and DJ Break 'Em Off. This impresario lends his skills not only as a singer, rapper and songwriter but those that were honed in the studio to many different acts. Lately, he's, "been doing a lot of writing for myself and ton of other artist in multiple genres. I'm doing some stuff for a pop/rock artist named FEE, and a couple
of other rock and R&B acts."

His diverse nature in helping other bands from all over the musical spectrum discover their sound extends beyond his own tastes in music. A taste that can best be described as eclectic - Nirvana notwithstanding. When not listening to his own music Stix says that, "I am listening to Paramore's Riot, Mr. Hudson, Imogen Heap, and Coldplay." Maybe they don't sound all that eclectic when you consider that his dream concert venue is to perform at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Just when you think that you have him figured for a smooth R&B guy Stix will come back at you with another side project like Life9.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hookers in Berlin offer discount to cyclists

As if you need another reason to become an environmentalist the Maison d'Envie brothel in Berlin is offering a seven percent discount to its customers who arrive by bicycle.

And the gimmick is working too! Brothel owner Thomas Goetz says that the incentive draws in an extra three to five clients per day.

The discount is not only open to cyclists but to any other customer who can prove that they arrived by public transit.

"The recession has hit our industry hard," Goetz told Reuters. "Obviously we hope that the discount will attract more people. It's good for business, it's good for the environment – and it's good for the girls."

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oakland: First in Pot Tax?

Pot money makes Oakland go round.

There's green to be made in green. Like a junkie looking for a fix city fathers can smell a dollar bill and Oakland is looking at a new revenue stream - marijuana.

The new tax measure is expected to add $400 000 to the cash-strapped coffers. As it is now the city charges just over a buck in tax for every thousand bucks sold at any of the four marijuana dispensaries in town. The proposed cash up the ante to $18 per $1000 worth of retail weed.

This is where it starts to get surreal - the dispensaries are calling for the increased tax levy.

This is where it gets bizarre - one city councilor says that the revenue could save four or five jobs...police jobs!

Oakland residents will vote on the measure later this month.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pothead Real Father to Michael Jackson Kids?

What's with the grin Arnold?

Us is claiming that Arnold Klein is the biological father of Michael Jackson's two children with Debbie Rowe. That's Arnold with the big pot leaf on his shirt. Klein is a dermatologist who was also Rowe's boss at the time.

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Hapless Pot Smugglers from North of the Border

Happy Canada Day.

Usually our tales of hapless pot smugglers involve our southern border and include surfboards. This time around - in honor of Canada Day - we train our sites to our northern border.

A couple was arrested at the Niagara Falls border crossing for trying to smuggle an unspecified quantity of marijuana in the United States. Cops found five vacuum sealed bags secreted in the spare tire of the lovebirds car.

You figure that if you are going to go through the trouble of taking a tire off the rim, packing said tire full of weed and putting the tire back on the wheel you'd have the sack to be calm and cool at the border. Maybe the cops got suspicious when they saw all the cheesie dust on the wheel.

Happy Canada Day you crazy Canucks!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MonkeyJunk Layeth the Smackdown

Steve, Matt and Tony are MonkeyJunk.
The hottest blues band north of the, the other border... takes time out from their cross-country tour to talk music, life on the road and marijuana legalization.

MonkeyJunk is promoting its debut disc Tiger in your Tank and have completed their western swing. They are now gearing up for the festival season playing on the bill with artists as diverse as KISS and Johnny Winter.

The band describes their sound as “a frothy cocktail of our influences blended into swamp R&B, soul boogie, and bedroom funk.” Consisting of Tony D and Steve Marriner on guitar and Matt Sobb keeping time on drums, MonkeyJunk can be caught at the always rocking Tremblant International Blues Festival north of Montreal, the Montreal Jazz Festival, a hometown closing night set at Ottawa Bluesfest and the Blues Sur Seine for fans in France.

Here's some of what the smokin' bluesmen had to say to Estoy Pacheco.

Q: You are touring in support of your debut disc Tiger in your Tank how has the reception been like out west for the band?

MATT: The reception has been great - we have had several really successful shows - primarily the ones sponsored by blues societies have been the best attended and we seem to sell the most CDs at those ones too... we have enjoyed radio play right across the country - primarily on blues shows.

STEVE: We've had a fantastic response from the public and the media as well. Holger Petersen has been playing us regularly on his show Saturday Night Blues on CBC. Also, CKUA from Alberta has been playing us quite a bit. Both these radio shows really helped spread the good word.

TONY: I think the reception for the band has been great all around. We’ve won some new fans and took very much a new sound to the blues/R&B that is out there…out there in that land!

Q: The band has been together about two years, what is the highlight for the band to date?

MATT: For me, the highlight has been the release and instant acceptance of our debut CD - I'm very proud of it personally and I think we are collectively too - for it to be so well received by the media and the public has been great!

STEVE: Actually, it's only been one year...we're younger than we look! Certainly the CD release was one of the highlights. We sold a whack of copies right off the bat, sold out two shows at The Black Sheep Inn, an infamous music venue near Ottawa. For me though, I'm partial to our experience at the International Blue Challenge in Memphis. We were hanging out at a bar watching Johnny Max's band play, and then they announced that we would be moving on to the finals at the Orpheum Theatre. As it turned out we were the only Canadian group in the finals, so we had a lot of folks behind us. Then to come in third place out of 100 bands from around the felt great.

TONY: Actually the band has been together for just over a year and the recording is definitely a highlight, as well as playing in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge, just had a blast down there. I mean right on Beale Street, mercy!

Q: Fave venue? Individually or collectively, what was the best crowd or venue that you played at?

MATT: The Dream Cafe in Penticton was really great - all the way through . . . probably our best performance

STEVE: Agreed, The Dream Cafe in Penticton, BC is it! The owners Pierre and Debra not only treat the artists like gold, but they have cultivated an audience who gives every drop of their attention to the show. Between songs you could hear a pin drop and after a tune they cheer so loud you can't hear your guitar. The energy the give only serves to make our show better. It's a two-way street, ya know?

TONY: I liked the way the we played in Saskatoon and Calgary, the reception in Edmonton was good.

Q: Who are you looking forward to playing with the most this summer?

MATT: I am looking forward to playing at the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in September opening for Los Lobos.

STEVE: At Mont Tremblant Blues Festival, we're opening for JJ Grey & Mofro. I personally think these guys are toughest roots act going right now. I love their records and have yet to see them live.

TONY: All the fests are cool but getting to see Jeff Beck after our show at Ottawa Bluefest is something I’m really looking forward to…

Q: As Estoy Pacheco has a focus on pot and surfing I have to ask whether you got any surfing in on the left coast? Are you in favor of decriminalization/legalization of marijuana?

MATT: I was in Tofino and didn't go - never done it and was too cold to learn...I am in favor of decriminalizing it even though I have never smoked's the whole principle of it...

STEVE: Sadly, there was no time for surfing. I've wanted to try it forever. Almost got the chance in Australia a couple years ago. As for Mary-Jane; I am in favor of decriminalizing. While I don't smoke much anymore, I still think that its ridiculous how misunderstood marijuana is. You still find people brainwashed from the 'reefer madness' mentality of the '50's and '60s. The fact of that matter is that it's no more harmful to you than drinking alcohol, which is perfectly acceptable in our society. Think about many violent crimes (fights, murders etc.) are committed when alcohol is involved? When's the last time you heard about a couple of stoners getting in a fight? Never.

TONY: Pot makes me spit up

MonkeyJunk has left the building!

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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Reefer Man!

I wanna fly like ereefer Man.

While everybody will be donning the red, white and blue this weekend you can be green. The Reefer Man mask will have your friends green with envy and probably get you a few more pulls while your out watching the fireworks at the state park.

Designed by Tom Banwell, these leather masks weigh about four ounces and cost less than $60.

After the long weekend you can keep wearing your mask and Estoy Pacheco has some ideas on that:

Take up backyard wrestling! Throw bags of chips at the crowd and promptly pass out in the ring - no stress, no violence;

Introduce your gf to the joys of Reefer Man in the sack;

Visit the local schools and speak out for legalization of weed.

The list goes on and on but we gots the munchies. Any other ideas for Reefer Man?

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tot Walk Nets Pot

Some kids have all the luck.

An 11-year-old out for a walk with his dog yesterday morning spotted 44 potted plants in Indiana. Found by the edge of a swamp, the boy reported his find of "cultivated marijuana plants" to the sheriff's office.

While somebody out in Steuben County is in for a shock the next time that they check in on their crop there has to be more to the story than meets the eye. And, no there are no cute "dog got high" angles here but the larger question of how did an 11-year-old boy know what marijuana looked like anyway?

If I found a pack of cigarettes when I was 11 I was keeping them and not telling anyone. I never had the good fortune to find a grow-up, and I spent a lot of time in the woods. You have to wonder about this kid's parents. Are they social pariahs?

Kids, next time you find a grow op don't call 911 dial 420 and Tio Pacheco will help you dispose of your find. Our reward is much higher than the county's.

Maybe that will be our new motto - "We pay more for your new found score!"

While police haven't made any arrests in the case they are taking a closer look at locals with long faces.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

Our fave Weeds girl.

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...except maybe the one about that moonwalkin' guy full of chemicals, so we're not gonna bother.

Potheads don't flame out and turn to pharmaceuticals. When will H'wood ever learn?

'Infomania' worse than marijuana
The Top Ten Obstacles to Marijuana Law Reform
Cubs' Soto tested positive for marijuana
Piniella admits he tried marijuana
Live Stoner Radio
If You Know the Words to These Songs, You're Probably Stoned Right Now
interactive psychedelic kaleidoscope
Craigslist leads to pot bust
Cannabis Science Creates Unique Investment Opportunities
Hemp bringing highs to farmers’ lows
Top 10 Marijuana Quotes EVER!

Thank you for your thoughts and comments - our week in weed will now be a regular feature at Estoy Pacheco...running once a week...thereabouts.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pot-smoking postman burned mail

What's in the mail?

YORK, England, June 22 (UPI) -- Authorities in Britain said a marijuana-smoking postal carrier burned thousands of letters that the weed made him too lazy to deliver.

Police said Neil Goddard, 32, of York, England, had $13,000 worth of marijuana plants growing in his home and allegedly smoked so much of his own stash that he was unable to keep up with his deliveries and burned the leftover mail, The Sun reported Monday.

Goddard set fire to about 10,000 pieces of mostly junk mail he had agreed to deliver to bolster his paycheck, authorities said. He was using cannabis heavily at the time to deal with depression over his mother's recent death, court officials said.

Goddard pleaded guilty to delaying post, three charges of claiming payment for junk mail he had not delivered and a charge of burning mail.

In an earlier trial, Goddard admitted in April to growing marijuana with an intent to supply the drug to others. After both trials, he was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

(Source: UPI)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Korean Film Star Causes Uproar with Pot Comments

Korean actress Kim Bu-seon
By calling for the legalization of marijuana during a television interview Korean actress Kim Bu-seon has landed in hot water.

No stranger to controversy Bu-seon has also been arrested many times for possession. In her comments delivered on a popular morning TV show on Friday the actress spoke out against the persecution of celebrities in South Korea who inhale.

Korean actor Oh Gwang Rok.
The recent arrest of actor Oh Gwang-rok led to her latest call for the legalization of marijuana as well as lashing out against the government. "Whenever the government has troubles, it uses drug-taking entertainers to divert people's attention," she said in a pre-recorded interview. "It is the best way to make entertainers and artists obey the government."
Actress takes aim at Korean government.
She also explained that Korea has a proud history of marijuana use for medicinal purposes. "Marijuana is not a narcotic; it is technically an Oriental herbal medicine which Koreans have used for 5,000 years.

"If smoking it doesn't do harm to others, those who do need it, such as those suffering from depression or cancer patients, should be allowed to use it," said Bu-seon. "Korea has the highest ratio of death by suicide among OECD members. The nation needs to take marijuana as a depression remedy and make depression patients come back to society."

Viewers were appalled by Bu-seon's comments and have demanded an apology from the public broadcaster MBC.

Rhode Island Will License Medical Marijuana Shops

Once the law takes effect, the state will be the first in the nation to have one officially licensed nonprofit center selling marijuana.

The Rhode Island legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto of a medical marijuana law last week by an overwhelming margin, paving the way for state-licensed medical marijuana shops to begin operating. The House voted 68-0 for the pot measure and the senate moved it minutes later by a 35-3 count.

Once the law takes effect, the state will be the first in the nation to have one officially licensed nonprofit center selling marijuana. Over time, the state will license further nonprofit dispensaries.

The bill got a boost in the state after a much publicized incident in which a pot dealer beat up a medical marijuana patient. Proponents of the bill argued that patients shouldn't have to deal with unregulated, unlicensed drug dealers, but deserved a more orderly system.

In March, New Mexico became the first state to grant a state license to a medical marijuana producer.

Get more from the source...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two More Try Smuggling Pot on Surfboard

This time around, a couple of wannabe pot smugglers ditched the blue duffle bag and taped the weed to their surfboard. Unfortunately they had the same success as the last guy who used a surfboard to smuggle weed into the US.

Our intrepid duo were caught Friday night towing the 141 pounds of Mexican weed on a third surfboard. Once again the Border Patrol south of San Diego must have been shaking their heads in disbelief. This time the BP sent a boat 200 yards offshore to apprehend the hapless smugglers as a helicopter shone a light down below.

No word on whether these two are related to the first one trying the novel approach to smuggle pot into the States. Estoy Pacheco can imagine how the scenario unfolded south of the border.

Drug Smuggler One:"Haven't heard from Steve in over two weeks he must have made it safely across the border."
Drug Smuggler Two: "Yeah, let's bring more dope this time around!"

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the EcoDad

The smile upon my face.
Happy Father's Day!

Today's list is in recognition of the man who taught us to ride our first eco vehicle - the bicycle. The following gift ideas may not be readily available in your neck of the woods when you go and visit dad today but at least you can tell him about them. It is the thought that counts after all.

Is your dad still young at heart? have you cringed when he wails away on his air guitar? If you answer yes to either of these questions you may want to pick up a pair of vegan hi-tops designed by Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt.

If motorycles or racing is in your father's blood the first ever AMA eGrandPrix is scheduled for Mid-Ohio on the weekend of July 24-26.

Mayber all that is a little too much for you or your dad. While we would like to recommend a few e-books they don't say "I love you" as much as a real book. Eco-Libris not only offers up some great titles for Dad they take the guilt out of your book buying purchase by planting a tree for every book read.

Father's day also kicks off summer and if your father enjoys fishing or Phish he may not be near a source of power. These gadgets and gizmos are great for charging your cell-phone or keeping you dry.

If none of those ideas grab your attention how about these?

GreenPacks,The Examiner and The Daily Green all offer some interesting, eco-friendly suggestions that allow you to show dad that he is appreciated.

I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day!

The man who taught me how to read, write, add and subtract.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

It's all downhill for Missy Giove after pot bust.

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...except maybe the one about Missy Giove.

How to open a pot club on the Peninsula
Medical marijuana transforms into big business in Israel
20 Annoying Things That Your Smoking Buddies Do
Marijuana chemical may slow multiple sclerosis
Why I Give My 9-year-old Pot
Weed Man: Fate of the nice marijuana smuggler
Sign This Letter: End Marijuana Prohibition
Caribbean urged to look at positive values of marijuana
Former champion mountain biker Missy Giove charged with trafficking
City Spent $250K In Legal Battle over $200 Worth of Pot
Help Save the Earth, Time to Substitute Hemp for Oil

Thank you for your thoughts and comments - our week in weed will now be a regular feature at Estoy Pacheco.

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Catch A Break: It's International Surfing Day!

Today, June 20 is International Surfing Day.

Some people celebrate 4/20. This year surfers get to celebrate 6/20 - International Surfing Day! Catch a break, clean a beach and show the world that you are not a kook.

Established in 2004 by Surfing Magazine and The Surfrider Foundation, events and festivities take part around the world today celebrating the surfer lifestyle and showing that we too care about the environment.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Surf's Up Dad: Watch Out for the Little One

It's Father Day this weekend and a lot of Dad's will be out on the water giving their little one their first taste of the surf. While you're explaining left breaks and rips check out the little body board that they are on.

The 18" boards pictured above have been recalled due to high levels of lead paint. These Big Lizard boards were sold from January to May of this year at specialty beach shops and WalMart.

While only 900 of the boards were sold in the US its best to check that you weren't one of the 900. If you are, bring the board back to the store for a full refund. If you are unsure if you bought one of these boards visit the manufacturer for more information on the recall.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cannabis Party: 6 Point Plan to End Recession

They have my vote.
The Cannabis Party in New Zealand has a six point plan to end that country's recession. One would have thought that it would be a seven pointed plan much like the leaf that gives the party its name.

Unhappy with the first budget of the ruling party or the squabbling of the other political parties the formally known Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party has mounted a PR campaign to let its views be known.

And we are here to share them.

1. Immediate tolerance of adult personal cannabis use This will save New Zealand $500 million each year, from money needlessly spent on law enforcement, prosecution and imprisonment of cannabis users.

2. Regulate and tax all retail sales of cannabis. Cannabis is the most popular illicit drug. Taxation gathered from an R18 cannabis industry would add $500 million plus to the economy each year. This would also create a boom in tourism.

3. Produce all fuel and energy needs locally Hemp will be planted on a scale similar to Pine Forests, at a density of around 500 plants per square metre. In one year Hemp will produce more resources than pine could in 30 years. All fuel for cars, trucks, buses and aeroplanes as well as coal fueled power stations could be produced locally, with profits staying in New Zealand. Hemp fuel is carbon neutral and does not contain sulphur. New Zealand could lead the world in renewable resource management and environmentally friendly energy production.
Buy this game for 10 bucks and support the ALCP.
4. Create new jobs. Both the cannabis and hemp industry will create tens of thousands of new jobs, including Hemp farming, processing, manufacturing and retail sales. A wide range of products from textiles, to bio-plastics, to cosmetics and medicines will offer many new opportunities.

5. Grow the economy. Cannabis is a highly economic cash crop. Just as fuel oil has maintained the economy up until now, hemp fuel could continue to do so. The only difference with hemp is that it is annually renewable and therefore never runs out. Cannabis Regulation would undermine the lucrative black market and generate revenue for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

6. Social Advantages - A prosperous economy creates a financially stable society, All evidence shows an economically stable society is a happier less needy society resulting in less crime and associated costs.
The usual suspects?
It should be noted that the ALCP has no formal standing within New Zealand's parliament and the likelihood of them forming a government is a pipe dream at best. Rest assured that if the ALCP wins an upcoming byelection Estoy Pacheco will fly down and visit the Kiwi's, report back and ride some gnarly breaks.

In unrelated news...or is it...a man lit up a joint in the Kiwi Parliament. Nothing of note was happening at the time and observers don't believe it was a protest of any sort. The man was politely escorted from the building and the matter is in police hands. A spokesman pointed out that the building is a no smoking building.