Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MonkeyJunk Layeth the Smackdown

Steve, Matt and Tony are MonkeyJunk.
The hottest blues band north of the border...no, the other border... takes time out from their cross-country tour to talk music, life on the road and marijuana legalization.

MonkeyJunk is promoting its debut disc Tiger in your Tank and have completed their western swing. They are now gearing up for the festival season playing on the bill with artists as diverse as KISS and Johnny Winter.

The band describes their sound as “a frothy cocktail of our influences blended into swamp R&B, soul boogie, and bedroom funk.” Consisting of Tony D and Steve Marriner on guitar and Matt Sobb keeping time on drums, MonkeyJunk can be caught at the always rocking Tremblant International Blues Festival north of Montreal, the Montreal Jazz Festival, a hometown closing night set at Ottawa Bluesfest and the Blues Sur Seine for fans in France.

Here's some of what the smokin' bluesmen had to say to Estoy Pacheco.

Q: You are touring in support of your debut disc Tiger in your Tank how has the reception been like out west for the band?

MATT: The reception has been great - we have had several really successful shows - primarily the ones sponsored by blues societies have been the best attended and we seem to sell the most CDs at those ones too... we have enjoyed radio play right across the country - primarily on blues shows.

STEVE: We've had a fantastic response from the public and the media as well. Holger Petersen has been playing us regularly on his show Saturday Night Blues on CBC. Also, CKUA from Alberta has been playing us quite a bit. Both these radio shows really helped spread the good word.

TONY: I think the reception for the band has been great all around. We’ve won some new fans and took very much a new sound to the blues/R&B that is out there…out there in that land!

Q: The band has been together about two years, what is the highlight for the band to date?

MATT: For me, the highlight has been the release and instant acceptance of our debut CD - I'm very proud of it personally and I think we are collectively too - for it to be so well received by the media and the public has been great!

STEVE: Actually, it's only been one year...we're younger than we look! Certainly the CD release was one of the highlights. We sold a whack of copies right off the bat, sold out two shows at The Black Sheep Inn, an infamous music venue near Ottawa. For me though, I'm partial to our experience at the International Blue Challenge in Memphis. We were hanging out at a bar watching Johnny Max's band play, and then they announced that we would be moving on to the finals at the Orpheum Theatre. As it turned out we were the only Canadian group in the finals, so we had a lot of folks behind us. Then to come in third place out of 100 bands from around the world...it felt great.

TONY: Actually the band has been together for just over a year and the recording is definitely a highlight, as well as playing in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge, just had a blast down there. I mean right on Beale Street, mercy!

Q: Fave venue? Individually or collectively, what was the best crowd or venue that you played at?

MATT: The Dream Cafe in Penticton was really great - all the way through . . . probably our best performance

STEVE: Agreed, The Dream Cafe in Penticton, BC is it! The owners Pierre and Debra not only treat the artists like gold, but they have cultivated an audience who gives every drop of their attention to the show. Between songs you could hear a pin drop and after a tune they cheer so loud you can't hear your guitar. The energy the give only serves to make our show better. It's a two-way street, ya know?

TONY: I liked the way the we played in Saskatoon and Calgary, the reception in Edmonton was good.

Q: Who are you looking forward to playing with the most this summer?

MATT: I am looking forward to playing at the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in September opening for Los Lobos.

STEVE: At Mont Tremblant Blues Festival, we're opening for JJ Grey & Mofro. I personally think these guys are toughest roots act going right now. I love their records and have yet to see them live.

TONY: All the fests are cool but getting to see Jeff Beck after our show at Ottawa Bluefest is something I’m really looking forward to…

Q: As Estoy Pacheco has a focus on pot and surfing I have to ask whether you got any surfing in on the left coast? Are you in favor of decriminalization/legalization of marijuana?

MATT: I was in Tofino and didn't go - never done it and was too cold to learn...I am in favor of decriminalizing it even though I have never smoked it...it's the whole principle of it...

STEVE: Sadly, there was no time for surfing. I've wanted to try it forever. Almost got the chance in Australia a couple years ago. As for Mary-Jane; I am in favor of decriminalizing. While I don't smoke much anymore, I still think that its ridiculous how misunderstood marijuana is. You still find people brainwashed from the 'reefer madness' mentality of the '50's and '60s. The fact of that matter is that it's no more harmful to you than drinking alcohol, which is perfectly acceptable in our society. Think about this...how many violent crimes (fights, murders etc.) are committed when alcohol is involved? When's the last time you heard about a couple of stoners getting in a fight? Never.

TONY: Pot makes me spit up

MonkeyJunk has left the building!

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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Reefer Man!

I wanna fly like ereefer Man.

While everybody will be donning the red, white and blue this weekend you can be green. The Reefer Man mask will have your friends green with envy and probably get you a few more pulls while your out watching the fireworks at the state park.

Designed by Tom Banwell, these leather masks weigh about four ounces and cost less than $60.

After the long weekend you can keep wearing your mask and Estoy Pacheco has some ideas on that:

Take up backyard wrestling! Throw bags of chips at the crowd and promptly pass out in the ring - no stress, no violence;

Introduce your gf to the joys of Reefer Man in the sack;

Visit the local schools and speak out for legalization of weed.

The list goes on and on but we gots the munchies. Any other ideas for Reefer Man?

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tot Walk Nets Pot

Some kids have all the luck.

An 11-year-old out for a walk with his dog yesterday morning spotted 44 potted plants in Indiana. Found by the edge of a swamp, the boy reported his find of "cultivated marijuana plants" to the sheriff's office.

While somebody out in Steuben County is in for a shock the next time that they check in on their crop there has to be more to the story than meets the eye. And, no there are no cute "dog got high" angles here but the larger question of how did an 11-year-old boy know what marijuana looked like anyway?

If I found a pack of cigarettes when I was 11 I was keeping them and not telling anyone. I never had the good fortune to find a grow-up, and I spent a lot of time in the woods. You have to wonder about this kid's parents. Are they social pariahs?

Kids, next time you find a grow op don't call 911 dial 420 and Tio Pacheco will help you dispose of your find. Our reward is much higher than the county's.

Maybe that will be our new motto - "We pay more for your new found score!"

While police haven't made any arrests in the case they are taking a closer look at locals with long faces.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

Our fave Weeds girl.

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...except maybe the one about that moonwalkin' guy full of chemicals, so we're not gonna bother.

Potheads don't flame out and turn to pharmaceuticals. When will H'wood ever learn?

'Infomania' worse than marijuana
The Top Ten Obstacles to Marijuana Law Reform
Cubs' Soto tested positive for marijuana
Piniella admits he tried marijuana
Live Stoner Radio
If You Know the Words to These Songs, You're Probably Stoned Right Now
interactive psychedelic kaleidoscope
Craigslist leads to pot bust
Cannabis Science Creates Unique Investment Opportunities
Hemp bringing highs to farmers’ lows
Top 10 Marijuana Quotes EVER!

Thank you for your thoughts and comments - our week in weed will now be a regular feature at Estoy Pacheco...running once a week...thereabouts.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pot-smoking postman burned mail

What's in the mail?

YORK, England, June 22 (UPI) -- Authorities in Britain said a marijuana-smoking postal carrier burned thousands of letters that the weed made him too lazy to deliver.

Police said Neil Goddard, 32, of York, England, had $13,000 worth of marijuana plants growing in his home and allegedly smoked so much of his own stash that he was unable to keep up with his deliveries and burned the leftover mail, The Sun reported Monday.

Goddard set fire to about 10,000 pieces of mostly junk mail he had agreed to deliver to bolster his paycheck, authorities said. He was using cannabis heavily at the time to deal with depression over his mother's recent death, court officials said.

Goddard pleaded guilty to delaying post, three charges of claiming payment for junk mail he had not delivered and a charge of burning mail.

In an earlier trial, Goddard admitted in April to growing marijuana with an intent to supply the drug to others. After both trials, he was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

(Source: UPI)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Korean Film Star Causes Uproar with Pot Comments

Korean actress Kim Bu-seon
By calling for the legalization of marijuana during a television interview Korean actress Kim Bu-seon has landed in hot water.

No stranger to controversy Bu-seon has also been arrested many times for possession. In her comments delivered on a popular morning TV show on Friday the actress spoke out against the persecution of celebrities in South Korea who inhale.

Korean actor Oh Gwang Rok.
The recent arrest of actor Oh Gwang-rok led to her latest call for the legalization of marijuana as well as lashing out against the government. "Whenever the government has troubles, it uses drug-taking entertainers to divert people's attention," she said in a pre-recorded interview. "It is the best way to make entertainers and artists obey the government."
Actress takes aim at Korean government.
She also explained that Korea has a proud history of marijuana use for medicinal purposes. "Marijuana is not a narcotic; it is technically an Oriental herbal medicine which Koreans have used for 5,000 years.

"If smoking it doesn't do harm to others, those who do need it, such as those suffering from depression or cancer patients, should be allowed to use it," said Bu-seon. "Korea has the highest ratio of death by suicide among OECD members. The nation needs to take marijuana as a depression remedy and make depression patients come back to society."

Viewers were appalled by Bu-seon's comments and have demanded an apology from the public broadcaster MBC.

Rhode Island Will License Medical Marijuana Shops

Once the law takes effect, the state will be the first in the nation to have one officially licensed nonprofit center selling marijuana.

The Rhode Island legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto of a medical marijuana law last week by an overwhelming margin, paving the way for state-licensed medical marijuana shops to begin operating. The House voted 68-0 for the pot measure and the senate moved it minutes later by a 35-3 count.

Once the law takes effect, the state will be the first in the nation to have one officially licensed nonprofit center selling marijuana. Over time, the state will license further nonprofit dispensaries.

The bill got a boost in the state after a much publicized incident in which a pot dealer beat up a medical marijuana patient. Proponents of the bill argued that patients shouldn't have to deal with unregulated, unlicensed drug dealers, but deserved a more orderly system.

In March, New Mexico became the first state to grant a state license to a medical marijuana producer.

Get more from the source...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two More Try Smuggling Pot on Surfboard

This time around, a couple of wannabe pot smugglers ditched the blue duffle bag and taped the weed to their surfboard. Unfortunately they had the same success as the last guy who used a surfboard to smuggle weed into the US.

Our intrepid duo were caught Friday night towing the 141 pounds of Mexican weed on a third surfboard. Once again the Border Patrol south of San Diego must have been shaking their heads in disbelief. This time the BP sent a boat 200 yards offshore to apprehend the hapless smugglers as a helicopter shone a light down below.

No word on whether these two are related to the first one trying the novel approach to smuggle pot into the States. Estoy Pacheco can imagine how the scenario unfolded south of the border.

Drug Smuggler One:"Haven't heard from Steve in over two weeks he must have made it safely across the border."
Drug Smuggler Two: "Yeah, let's bring more dope this time around!"

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the EcoDad

The smile upon my face.
Happy Father's Day!

Today's list is in recognition of the man who taught us to ride our first eco vehicle - the bicycle. The following gift ideas may not be readily available in your neck of the woods when you go and visit dad today but at least you can tell him about them. It is the thought that counts after all.

Is your dad still young at heart? have you cringed when he wails away on his air guitar? If you answer yes to either of these questions you may want to pick up a pair of vegan hi-tops designed by Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt.

If motorycles or racing is in your father's blood the first ever AMA eGrandPrix is scheduled for Mid-Ohio on the weekend of July 24-26.

Mayber all that is a little too much for you or your dad. While we would like to recommend a few e-books they don't say "I love you" as much as a real book. Eco-Libris not only offers up some great titles for Dad they take the guilt out of your book buying purchase by planting a tree for every book read.

Father's day also kicks off summer and if your father enjoys fishing or Phish he may not be near a source of power. These gadgets and gizmos are great for charging your cell-phone or keeping you dry.

If none of those ideas grab your attention how about these?

GreenPacks,The Examiner and The Daily Green all offer some interesting, eco-friendly suggestions that allow you to show dad that he is appreciated.

I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day!

The man who taught me how to read, write, add and subtract.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

It's all downhill for Missy Giove after pot bust.

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...except maybe the one about Missy Giove.

How to open a pot club on the Peninsula
Medical marijuana transforms into big business in Israel
20 Annoying Things That Your Smoking Buddies Do
Marijuana chemical may slow multiple sclerosis
Why I Give My 9-year-old Pot
Weed Man: Fate of the nice marijuana smuggler
Sign This Letter: End Marijuana Prohibition
Caribbean urged to look at positive values of marijuana
Former champion mountain biker Missy Giove charged with trafficking
City Spent $250K In Legal Battle over $200 Worth of Pot
Help Save the Earth, Time to Substitute Hemp for Oil

Thank you for your thoughts and comments - our week in weed will now be a regular feature at Estoy Pacheco.

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Catch A Break: It's International Surfing Day!

Today, June 20 is International Surfing Day.

Some people celebrate 4/20. This year surfers get to celebrate 6/20 - International Surfing Day! Catch a break, clean a beach and show the world that you are not a kook.

Established in 2004 by Surfing Magazine and The Surfrider Foundation, events and festivities take part around the world today celebrating the surfer lifestyle and showing that we too care about the environment.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Surf's Up Dad: Watch Out for the Little One

It's Father Day this weekend and a lot of Dad's will be out on the water giving their little one their first taste of the surf. While you're explaining left breaks and rips check out the little body board that they are on.

The 18" boards pictured above have been recalled due to high levels of lead paint. These Big Lizard boards were sold from January to May of this year at specialty beach shops and WalMart.

While only 900 of the boards were sold in the US its best to check that you weren't one of the 900. If you are, bring the board back to the store for a full refund. If you are unsure if you bought one of these boards visit the manufacturer for more information on the recall.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cannabis Party: 6 Point Plan to End Recession

They have my vote.
The Cannabis Party in New Zealand has a six point plan to end that country's recession. One would have thought that it would be a seven pointed plan much like the leaf that gives the party its name.

Unhappy with the first budget of the ruling party or the squabbling of the other political parties the formally known Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party has mounted a PR campaign to let its views be known.

And we are here to share them.

1. Immediate tolerance of adult personal cannabis use This will save New Zealand $500 million each year, from money needlessly spent on law enforcement, prosecution and imprisonment of cannabis users.

2. Regulate and tax all retail sales of cannabis. Cannabis is the most popular illicit drug. Taxation gathered from an R18 cannabis industry would add $500 million plus to the economy each year. This would also create a boom in tourism.

3. Produce all fuel and energy needs locally Hemp will be planted on a scale similar to Pine Forests, at a density of around 500 plants per square metre. In one year Hemp will produce more resources than pine could in 30 years. All fuel for cars, trucks, buses and aeroplanes as well as coal fueled power stations could be produced locally, with profits staying in New Zealand. Hemp fuel is carbon neutral and does not contain sulphur. New Zealand could lead the world in renewable resource management and environmentally friendly energy production.
Buy this game for 10 bucks and support the ALCP.
4. Create new jobs. Both the cannabis and hemp industry will create tens of thousands of new jobs, including Hemp farming, processing, manufacturing and retail sales. A wide range of products from textiles, to bio-plastics, to cosmetics and medicines will offer many new opportunities.

5. Grow the economy. Cannabis is a highly economic cash crop. Just as fuel oil has maintained the economy up until now, hemp fuel could continue to do so. The only difference with hemp is that it is annually renewable and therefore never runs out. Cannabis Regulation would undermine the lucrative black market and generate revenue for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

6. Social Advantages - A prosperous economy creates a financially stable society, All evidence shows an economically stable society is a happier less needy society resulting in less crime and associated costs.
The usual suspects?
It should be noted that the ALCP has no formal standing within New Zealand's parliament and the likelihood of them forming a government is a pipe dream at best. Rest assured that if the ALCP wins an upcoming byelection Estoy Pacheco will fly down and visit the Kiwi's, report back and ride some gnarly breaks.

In unrelated news...or is it...a man lit up a joint in the Kiwi Parliament. Nothing of note was happening at the time and observers don't believe it was a protest of any sort. The man was politely escorted from the building and the matter is in police hands. A spokesman pointed out that the building is a no smoking building.

Fleet Foxes Thank Piracy For Their Success

Robin Pecknold thanks piracy.

Fleet Foxes’ self titled album was considered by Pitchfork and many other music critics to be the best album of 2008. Interestingly, Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold says the band could not have made the album without the inspiration he got from the hundreds of albums he pirated over the years.

“I’ve downloaded hundreds and hundreds of records - why would I care if somebody downloads ours? That’s such a petty thing to care about. I mean, how much money does one person need? I think it’s disgusting when people complain about that, personally,” he admitted.

Get the rest from the source...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Surf Guitar God Bob Bogle Dies

Baha Bob Bogle in 2003.

Surf guitar legend Bob Bogle of The Ventures passed away in Vancouver, Washington after a long battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Bogle revolutionized the surf guitar sound on a string of instrumental hits in the 60s including Telstar and the theme for the classic Hawaii hipster cop television show Hawaii Five-O. The Ventures released an astonishing 40+ instrumental albums in their storied career with sales of more than 100 million.

Inducted with The Ventures into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year Bogle influenced many guitarists over the years. Eddie Van Halen said that the first song that he learned to play on the guitar was The Ventures version of Pipeline.
Bob Bogle is on the left.
Bogle and The Ventures co-founder Don Wilson met in Seattle in 1958 when Wilson was selling cars. Bogle, who was working construction at the time, walked into the shop and Wilson asked him if he could get him a job.

Fast friends, they then formed the band that would break through the charts one and a half years later with Chet Atkin's Walk, Dont Run.

“If you listen to Walk, Don’t Run and Perfidia, the lead guitar is just totally unique,” Wilson said. “He used that vibrato bar — they call it a whammy bar — and he used it like nobody else.”

A private funeral service will be held on Friday, June 19th. Bogle was 75.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Michael Phelps has rebounded since this photo appeared in February.

America's favorite bong banger, Michael Phelps, has rebounded from his fall from grace with the general public and is the new spokesman for H2O Audio. Sounds like a match made in heaven as bongs and water go together as well as bongs and water.

Phelps rose to cultural prominence by winning some medals in something called the olympics. He rose to counter-cultural prominence when the above photograph was splashed across the front pages of newspapers around the world in February.

"We are a young company of athletes for athletes, and our relationship with Michael will undoubtedly benefit our technology, product performance and design," said Kristian Rauhala, founder and ceo, H2O Audio. "Michael embodies our vision and commitment to excellence, and reinforces our dedication to improving the training experience with music anywhere, anytime."

Phelps, known for his pre-race trance listening to his iPod, joins other well known "water" enthusiasts representing the H2O brand including big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton. "Music has always been a huge part of my life and my training," commented Phelps. "H20's line of waterproof headphones and accessories will help swimmers of all ages and skill levels, as well as other athletes, to incorporate music as part of their time in and around the water."

A more cynical person would substitute "music" for "weed."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Toon "Bugs" You with Anti-Reefer Message

Whatchya lookin' to score there, Doc?

Slate says that this is The Worst Anti-Drug Movie Ever but it seems more like my worst freakin' nightmare.

A.) This isn't a movie

B.)It is a cleverly reworked anti-smoking campaign aimed at YOU when you were a kid - but it didn't work, did it?

Everyone that made you feel warm and fuzzy from Bugs to ALF to Kermit are all in on the act. And they're nagging you worse than your parents ever did. Who do they think they are?

This clip gave me the heebie-jeebies...where are my roaches?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Estoy Pacheco's Virtual Bonnaroo Concert

So you're bummed out that you didn't make it to this year's Bonnaroo and missed out on some peanut butter cups. Sit back, blaze one up and enjoy the virtual concert form the comfort of your own home with these live performance clips from some of the artists and bands playing on the final Sunday of Bonnaroo 2009.

Don't forget to save a little for when Phish hits the stage to close out the show.

Time for a little wake and bake with A.A. Bondy who kicks things off at noon from the Other Tent.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists follow Bondy on the Other Stage at 1:30.

If Ted Leo is a little too much, too soon, dial it down a notch and head over to the Sonic Stage and catch Elvis Perkins in Dearland for a quick half-hour set.

Make it over to the Which Stage and you will probably get there in time to hear this tune by Citizen Cope.

Depending on your mindspace at this time you are grooving with Robert Earl Keen at This Tent...

...or you are in the mood for a little Erikah Badu. She's so sweet to me, but if Erykah ain't where you're at (and she's at the What Stage), youse got lots a choices to mosey on elsehwere, but why would you?

When Erikah is done wowing the crowd Merle Haggard begins his 5:00 p.m. set at This Tent. If Merle's not yer cup of moonshine, A.A Bondy has a second set over at the Sonic Stage - in case you were still asnooze at noon.

Maybe now you are ready for the mosh pit that will surely be happenning at That Tent when Shadows Fall takes the stage....

... If Shadows Fall is fallin' on deaf ears then the Other Tent has Okkervil River. These guys are the last act to perform at the Other Tent, so you may want to lay back, regroup, or recharge because now you have some major decisions to make.

...Unless of course you knew that you needed that one hour downtime between when Erikah finished her set at the What Stage and the Dee Oh Double Gee kicks off his set. You know that there is gonna be a fine aroma in the air during Snoop's set.

Elsewhere, Band of Horses is at Which...

...Neko Case is at This and...

Coheed and Cambria is at That.

All fine options (they're all on my iPod) but I haven't left the main stage since Erikah lit up my life. I'm gonna hang with my Dogg. It's taken me this long to get this close to the stage and I'm not leaving now.

Like I said, there were decisions to make but now there are none. You don't have to think anymore - whether you can at this stage or not is subject to interpretation - but Bonnaroo 2009 closes with a four hour plus set by...

Goodnight everybody. Phish has left the building!

If you really want a virtual concert experience Phishheads have been finding novel ways to stream concerts on this tour.

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Top 15 Music Festival Gadgets Narrowed Down to Two

Estoy Pacheco is jonesing for one of these light sabres with the deflector shield.
Came across this page from across the pond about neat little gadgets to heighten your music festival experience. The pages take forever to cycle through so Estoy Pacheco is just gonna link you to our faves from the 15 gadgets that are presented.

Raising our skirt is the featured solar battery charger, that's definitely on the wish list to power up all the micro gear that we bring: iPod, dig camera, cellphone...but the sweetest gizmo is the light saber umbrella. We get to get one of these babies. Screw the festivals, I'm walking around with this thing rain or shine every night.

We have no idea if any of this stuff is available in America or what any of this stuff costs since all the prices are in pounds. Estoy Pacheco sells by the pound we don't buy with a pound. Aren't those crazy Europeans on the euro over there anyway? Isn't that why they call it the euro?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shroom Bust Cancels Trip at Bonnaroo

Hmmm, shrooms, hmmm, chocalate.

Its your second night at Bonnaroo and you're thinking, "Something's missing." Then it dawns on you that you haven't been tripping on $20 peanut butter cups. And you are not going to either as local cops busted a shroom room in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and seized 35 pounds of magic mushrooms.

This is where the story gets a little trippy as cops say that the 35 pounds of shroom was already baked into 500 peanut butter cups and was intended to be sold at the music festival. That works out to more than one ounce of shroom per peanut butter cup! That's a lot of vroom for the shroom.

While the bust is certainly a buzz kill for some concert goers it has yet to be explained how the four mushketeers planned to smuggle their confections on site. Again, with the math, they'd have to be carrying eight pounds each of the by now melting chocolate concoction. Most concert goers have a hard enough time entering the venue with water bottles, where does one hide eight pounds of peanut butter cups?

The cops boasted that the collar followed a lengthy investigation. Police spokesman Kyle Evans stated that, “This arrest and seizure is a very rare thing, especially for Murfreesboro."
The shroom room, bake me a cake as fat as you can.
It's hard to dispute police spokesman Evans - the arrest and seizure is a very rare thing period!Not many sophisticated drug rings possess the culinary skills to mount such a project.

But police spokesman Evans couldn't leave it at that. Johnny Law has to play boogeyman and scare the kiddies by adding that, "The affects (of the shrooms) are hallucinogenic in nature, similar to LSD. They are very dangerous and there have been incidents of people dying the first time they used this drug.” While technically true, many more people have died trying out the shower for the first time.

Only in Tennessee. Only in Tennessee.

Now try and enjoy the show sans shroom, or ask the guy to the left to hook you up.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Empty Bags of Weed For Sale

I'm paying how much for what?
If Danger Mouse thinks he can get away with selling blank CDs I'm selling empty bags of weed. He's making a stand against The Man by selling blank CDs. I'm making a stand against The Man too.

Difference is I get busted if I put weed in my bags.

There's a sticker on Dark Night of the Soul that reads, “For legal reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.” What an inducement, I think I'll buy a copy. Reminds me of the time that Tico paid $30 to some guy in Times Square for a small order of fries from McDonalds. He got what he deserved. At one point...

But Brian Burton beats that lowlife hood with this effort. What an empty CD it is too! Iggy Pop, Julian Casablancas of the Strokes and bizarro filmmaker David Lynch all had a hand in the process. Lynch even contributed photographs to the project which is one of the few tangible things that you get for the $50 pop.

My empty bag of weed was a hit with Megan Fox, Ben Harper and Richard Branson. And that image that you have in your mind now of the three of them getting high on my bong is included in the price of my empty bag of weed. At $50 a pop, my empty bag of weed costs more than my regular bag of weed - but this is a limited edition blend and as Tico learned so many moons ago you get what you pay for.

We accept cash, checks and VISA. All checks should be payable to Estoy Pacheco.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surfing From the Laptop

One of those days, too baked to do much of anything. At least I found this surfing game to kill brain cells and time. What it's tomorrow already?

Hosted by Daily Free Games

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Can't Smuggle Pot on a Surfboard

The haul, 25lbs of weed and a great story to tell the wife at home.
File this one under clueless. A 30 year old man was caught trying to smuggle 25 pounds of weed on his surfboard, in the ocean, right off the San Diego coast on Sunday morning.

As much as Estoy Pacheco likes surfing and herbs it never crossed our mind to combine our two favorite pastimes and get arrested. Maybe it was really good smoke, it had to have been to have come up with this feeble idea.

I can imagine the Border Patrol, sipping their morning cup of joe, looking out in the Pacific seeing some hapless dude paddling his board between Mexico and the United States with a bright blue duffel bag perched atop. They must have looked at one another and shook their heads.

Of course the BP had our hopeless pothead dead to rights but he wasn't done yet. To aid in his attempted getaway our prospective smuggler lightened his load by tossing the weed off the board so that he could paddle faster in the belief that he could outrun the boat.

There was no need for the boat as the BP waded out and brought him ashore. They then waited for the waves to wash ashore the haul estimated to have a street value of 75k.

Let this be a cautionary tale - nothing good can come from smuggling dope on your surfboard.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Surfers Unite for World Ocean Day

Fun and frolic in the Pacific.
Today is World Ocean Day and big wave surfers have called for the creation of marine protected areas. Seventy-One Percent of Earth, a short film by Ari Marcopoulos pushes home this point with comments by Grant Twiggy Baker, Frank Solomon and other big wave surfers. You don't have to surf to appreciate the sea and all of us should have a vested interest in the care and preservation of our oceans.

The Lay of the Land According to NORML

NORML guide to state laws.

NORML has a handy little online map that gives you a lay of the land with regards to local and state laws and how they can affect your smoking pleasure. Not from the US? No problemo. NORML has a guide for our Euro herb cousins.

State Marijuana Penalties

Two Green Thumbs Up for Food Inc.

This is the movie that Monsanto doesn't want you to see. They even went through the trouble to set up a web page disputing most of the points raised in the film. But before you click that link up above it should be pointed out that the link was inoperable this morning. Could Monsanto have come to its senses?

Food Inc. is a documentary from director Robert Kenner that paints an unflattering picture about the American food industry and how it is controlled by corporate interests.

How hard-hitting is the film? Variety states that "Food Inc. does for the supermarket what Jaws did to the beach."

The film opens June 12 in select theatres in New York, LA and San Francisco. It expands to more cities nationwide on June 19.

If you can link to that Monsanto page you may want to then click on La Vida Locavore who took the trouble of countering each of Monsanto's objections to Food Inc.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

Megan Fox likes pot...a lot!

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...except maybe the one about Megan Fox.

Marijuana's Potential
A budget cure: Marijuana taxes?
Is a Law Prohibiting Marijuana Ethical?
Megan Fox wants to Legalize Marijuana
Marijuana Arrests Feed Insatiable U.S. Prison System
Vermont has Highest Rate of Pot Smokers
Siblings design pioneer marijuana application
How To Brew Marijuana Tea For Medicinal Purposes
Marijuana’s tipping point
Canadian 'Prince of Pot' Fights for U.S. Legalization
Hemp homes to be built in government drive

This may be a regular feature at Estoy Pacheco. It may not. It's all up to you.
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Everybody gets a Hangover this Weekend

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It stays in Vegas because we don't remember anything and that's the premise of this weekend's hottest flick - Hangover.

Hangover follows a group of guys including Zack Galifinakis as they head out to Sin City for a a little male bonding under the guise of a bachelor party. Needless to say, there would be no movie if everything didn't go pear-shaped on our merry pranksters.

Do yourself a favor and check this one out this weekend. Here's a shot to whet your whistle. There's even some eye-candy in it for you...and Iron Mike Tyson riffing to Phil Collins.

"Hey tarbender, make me another!"