Thursday, August 6, 2009

Purple Haze - New Pop mimics Pot

Would Jimi drink Drank? Try saying that five times fast.
In a world gone mad from caffeine rushes in a can comes the antithesis of meth in a can. Sold under a tag line that urges you to "slow your roll" Drank is generating a buzz as the drink to chill you out and has been compared to liquid marijuana. Claims, no doubt that the company is in no rush to quash. When Ludacris is featured on your website's media page the purple flavored concoction is bound to draw some yum yum references.

Using natural doses of herbal delights including Valerian root and rose hips Drank also contains a synthetic dose of melatonin - a naturally occurring hormone produced in the brain (cue the Cypress Hill music). The bottled buzz is "formulated to relax the body, mind and soul."

Just in case you get any ideas, the purple haze flavored pop comes with a label: WARNING! This beverage may be extremely relaxing and calming.

But is Drank the drink for you? The Innovative Beverage Group is targeting Drank to the hip hop community, athletes and workout freaks, students, professionals, insomniacs and jet-setters. What? no paranoid potheads? Or is "insomniac" a euphemism for the grungy guy you get your stash from. He definitely needs to chill with a can of Drank.

Drank is available from coast to coast with the exception of the northeast, the northwest and New York. I can picture the scene in Times Square as someone emerges from the shadows promising you a Drank but passing you a Kool-Aid.

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