Thursday, May 21, 2009

NBC Cancels My Name is Earl - Bad Karma to Follow

The cast of My Name is Earl.

NBC has canceled one of the few shows worth watching on TV - My Name is Earl. Mired at the bottom of the ratings for what seems like an eternity NBC announced this week that its most original show won't return for a fifth season.

The show follows the exploits of Earl Hickey, a career slacker and petty criminal who tries to right the wrongs in his life through his new-found conversion to Karma. Earl's changed ways is the result of seeing Carson Daly speak about karma while Earl was laid up in the hospital after being hit by a car clutching a winning lottery ticket. Each episode sees the dim-witted Earl and his dim-witted coterie of friends and families who manage to wreak havoc - inadvertent or otherwise - on his good intentions.

Earl is played by Jason Lee the best known skateboarder outside of Tony Hawk. Along with Hawk they are the only two boarders to have a shoe named after them. Lee also makes and markeets his own board Lee's boarding notoriety earned him bit parts in videos and films before teaming up with Kevin Smith and subsequently appearing in most of Smith's films including Mallrats and Chasing Amy.

In a case of what-comes-around-goes-around, or maybe its just karma itself, Fox who had originally passed on the show is apparently interested in adding it to their fall sked. Somewhere Earl Hickey is smiling.

Season Two outakes and bloopers are here to help you with the mourning process. Don't miss The Crabman rhyme off his favorite smokables.

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