Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Earn Swag: Add Your Fave Surf, Ski, Skate Locale to New Website

Do you have a favorite surf, ski or skateboard spot that you want to share with the WORLD? has launched a new component to its website on May 5, that allows contributors to add their faves with the added inducement of earning some swag in an introductory contest.

"Think of it as a local search that is specific to action sports," states 5ones Editor in Chief, Cameron Olthuis with regards to the 5ones Earth site that was six months in development, "Our goal is to have the most comprehensive resource available for riding spots, so no matter where you're at you can always find the best places to ride and the best shops to grab new gear at."

If you are familiar with navigating Google Earth you should have no problems navigating 5ones Earth. For the uninitiated there are video tutorials to get them headed in the right direction. Otherwise it is a case of logging in, finding your spot on the map and typing away.

The site offers registered users the opportunity to submit 200 character descriptions of favored parks, runs or slopes. The more submissions that an individual makes during the contest period which ends May 19, the more points are awarded to the individual .

Skate and surf spots are worth three points each while snow spots are curiously valued at a mere one point. Similarly, company headquarters and pro shops are awarded a rather robust two points. The aim of the contest is to create awareness and rapidly populate the site with global action sport locales in a fun and interesting manner.

To that end registered users can track their progress in the contest with a real-time leaderboard. Readers can also submit photos and comment on other submissions. In the coming months plans are underway to introduce iPhone and Facebook applications to broaden the reach of the website.

Whether it's surfing in Mexico or skiing in Canada you can start planning your next adventure while facilitating the plans of a fellow adventurer with your contribution.

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