Sunday, July 12, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week...or Last!

Marijuana Policy Project advisor Adrianne Curry.

News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...and one anti-marijuana story included for the comments. We do have a voice!

Marijuana in Your Life: A Time Line
This Week in John English
10 Marijuana Recipes That Will Surely Enhance Your Weekend
Could Marijuana Replace Michigan’s Failing Auto Industry?
BBC Marijuana Hit Piece: “Should I Smoke Dope?”
America's thriving ganja industry
What are the nicknames for marijuana? Ask a Square
History Of Medical Marijuana Research Evidence Case Studies
Marijuana Mamas!
The marijuana subtext of Rocky & Bullwinkle
What are they smoking?! When scenes call for pot or cocaine, Hollywood turns to stash of faux drugs

Estoy Pacheco's week in weed will now be a regular feature...running once a week...thereabouts.

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