Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oakland: First in Pot Tax?

Pot money makes Oakland go round.

There's green to be made in green. Like a junkie looking for a fix city fathers can smell a dollar bill and Oakland is looking at a new revenue stream - marijuana.

The new tax measure is expected to add $400 000 to the cash-strapped coffers. As it is now the city charges just over a buck in tax for every thousand bucks sold at any of the four marijuana dispensaries in town. The proposed cash up the ante to $18 per $1000 worth of retail weed.

This is where it starts to get surreal - the dispensaries are calling for the increased tax levy.

This is where it gets bizarre - one city councilor says that the revenue could save four or five jobs...police jobs!

Oakland residents will vote on the measure later this month.

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