Friday, July 31, 2009

Estoy Pacheco Rolls 11 Marijuana News Hits You May have Missed This Week

Pot fan Sarah Silverman is up for an Emmy.
News, views and reviews that may have slipped under your radar screen this week...and one stop motion link that will leave you in tears.

Is Big Pharma Trying to Take All the Fun out of Pot?
Top Ramen Noodle recipe with Marijuana
Snohomish County a marijuana hotbed
42.0 Milestones in the History of Marijuana
Superhero slideshow
Marijuana Use Associated With a “Significantly Reduced Risk” of Head and Neck Cancers — Will The Mainstream Media Care?
Marijuana U
Two years of toking it up: No citations issued since Measure Y downgraded pot enforcement
Man Busted With Portable Marijuana Farm
Cop Accidentally Reveals the Wisdom of Marijuana Legalization

Some places have centerfolds or a pet of the month, Estoy Pacheco has his Roach Clip of the Week. This week's Roach Clip is Sarah Silverman.

No stranger to pot, Sarah is up for an Emmy award for her role in...uh...The Sarah Silverman Program. Having never watched the show I couldn't tell you anything about it. I did laugh at a joke once, but I was high. I laughed when I found out my grandmother died, but I was high. I have no idea whether Sarah Silverman is funny. She slept with Jimmy Kimmel - he's funny!

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