Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raise a cheer to pot wine... if you don't get arrested first

Pot wine, that cool refreshing drink.
An Australia man was given a 16 month suspended sentence for possession of weed. It wasn't the possession charge that got him some ink in the local press it was the purpose of the weed.

Raymond Keith Crosthwaite, 64 of Chillagoe (cool name!) claimed the pot was to be used for making marijuana wine to help ease his back pain.

Famous Ray was busted with 285 plants and 26 000 seeds. For some reason the report says that the plants weigh about two pounds...in total! In case you were wondering what 26 000 seeds weigh, wonder no more. The constabulary has them weighing in at 271 grams - about half a pound.

Josh Trevino, representing the defense, said his client's recipe - found online - called for a half pound of weed per batch. There was no evidence presented as to whether Crosthwaite actually made any batches before the bust.

In the interests of investigative journalism Estoy Pacheco scoured the Interweb for a pot wine recipe to share with the masses. This is for entertainment purposes only. Would you really tempt the fates and risk that much weed on an experiment?

This is what we found at Gardens Cure. The recipe linked back to a page that no longer exists.


2 gallons boiling water (spring water is best)
4 - 8 ounces (fresh) marijauna stalks, leaves, branches
5 pounds sugar OR 8 pounds honey
3 oranges, sliced
3 lemons, sliced
2 cakes yeast (get this from a wine & beer store)


Place fresh cannabis in the boiling water, add sugar, orange and lemon slices, remove from heat and let stand for several days. Add yeast after straining into a clean container - a crock, glass jug, or carboy (get from beermaking store). Then let the mixture ferment for at least two weeks (4 is better) before racking and corking.

It all sounds a little too complicated for Estoy Pacheco who will continue to smoke his smoke and drink his drink and not experiment with drinking his smoke and smoking his drink.


  1. You usually don't smoke the stalks, leaves and branches anyway...

  2. I always wondered if whiskey could be made from the seeds of marijuana instead of corn but I never considered wine cause this is uauallly made from various fruits.

  3. Would work better blended with some other fruits like grapes or a berry.