Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two More Try Smuggling Pot on Surfboard

This time around, a couple of wannabe pot smugglers ditched the blue duffle bag and taped the weed to their surfboard. Unfortunately they had the same success as the last guy who used a surfboard to smuggle weed into the US.

Our intrepid duo were caught Friday night towing the 141 pounds of Mexican weed on a third surfboard. Once again the Border Patrol south of San Diego must have been shaking their heads in disbelief. This time the BP sent a boat 200 yards offshore to apprehend the hapless smugglers as a helicopter shone a light down below.

No word on whether these two are related to the first one trying the novel approach to smuggle pot into the States. Estoy Pacheco can imagine how the scenario unfolded south of the border.

Drug Smuggler One:"Haven't heard from Steve in over two weeks he must have made it safely across the border."
Drug Smuggler Two: "Yeah, let's bring more dope this time around!"

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