Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cannabis Party: 6 Point Plan to End Recession

They have my vote.
The Cannabis Party in New Zealand has a six point plan to end that country's recession. One would have thought that it would be a seven pointed plan much like the leaf that gives the party its name.

Unhappy with the first budget of the ruling party or the squabbling of the other political parties the formally known Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party has mounted a PR campaign to let its views be known.

And we are here to share them.

1. Immediate tolerance of adult personal cannabis use This will save New Zealand $500 million each year, from money needlessly spent on law enforcement, prosecution and imprisonment of cannabis users.

2. Regulate and tax all retail sales of cannabis. Cannabis is the most popular illicit drug. Taxation gathered from an R18 cannabis industry would add $500 million plus to the economy each year. This would also create a boom in tourism.

3. Produce all fuel and energy needs locally Hemp will be planted on a scale similar to Pine Forests, at a density of around 500 plants per square metre. In one year Hemp will produce more resources than pine could in 30 years. All fuel for cars, trucks, buses and aeroplanes as well as coal fueled power stations could be produced locally, with profits staying in New Zealand. Hemp fuel is carbon neutral and does not contain sulphur. New Zealand could lead the world in renewable resource management and environmentally friendly energy production.
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4. Create new jobs. Both the cannabis and hemp industry will create tens of thousands of new jobs, including Hemp farming, processing, manufacturing and retail sales. A wide range of products from textiles, to bio-plastics, to cosmetics and medicines will offer many new opportunities.

5. Grow the economy. Cannabis is a highly economic cash crop. Just as fuel oil has maintained the economy up until now, hemp fuel could continue to do so. The only difference with hemp is that it is annually renewable and therefore never runs out. Cannabis Regulation would undermine the lucrative black market and generate revenue for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

6. Social Advantages - A prosperous economy creates a financially stable society, All evidence shows an economically stable society is a happier less needy society resulting in less crime and associated costs.
The usual suspects?
It should be noted that the ALCP has no formal standing within New Zealand's parliament and the likelihood of them forming a government is a pipe dream at best. Rest assured that if the ALCP wins an upcoming byelection Estoy Pacheco will fly down and visit the Kiwi's, report back and ride some gnarly breaks.

In unrelated news...or is it...a man lit up a joint in the Kiwi Parliament. Nothing of note was happening at the time and observers don't believe it was a protest of any sort. The man was politely escorted from the building and the matter is in police hands. A spokesman pointed out that the building is a no smoking building.

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