Friday, June 12, 2009

Shroom Bust Cancels Trip at Bonnaroo

Hmmm, shrooms, hmmm, chocalate.

Its your second night at Bonnaroo and you're thinking, "Something's missing." Then it dawns on you that you haven't been tripping on $20 peanut butter cups. And you are not going to either as local cops busted a shroom room in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and seized 35 pounds of magic mushrooms.

This is where the story gets a little trippy as cops say that the 35 pounds of shroom was already baked into 500 peanut butter cups and was intended to be sold at the music festival. That works out to more than one ounce of shroom per peanut butter cup! That's a lot of vroom for the shroom.

While the bust is certainly a buzz kill for some concert goers it has yet to be explained how the four mushketeers planned to smuggle their confections on site. Again, with the math, they'd have to be carrying eight pounds each of the by now melting chocolate concoction. Most concert goers have a hard enough time entering the venue with water bottles, where does one hide eight pounds of peanut butter cups?

The cops boasted that the collar followed a lengthy investigation. Police spokesman Kyle Evans stated that, “This arrest and seizure is a very rare thing, especially for Murfreesboro."
The shroom room, bake me a cake as fat as you can.
It's hard to dispute police spokesman Evans - the arrest and seizure is a very rare thing period!Not many sophisticated drug rings possess the culinary skills to mount such a project.

But police spokesman Evans couldn't leave it at that. Johnny Law has to play boogeyman and scare the kiddies by adding that, "The affects (of the shrooms) are hallucinogenic in nature, similar to LSD. They are very dangerous and there have been incidents of people dying the first time they used this drug.” While technically true, many more people have died trying out the shower for the first time.

Only in Tennessee. Only in Tennessee.

Now try and enjoy the show sans shroom, or ask the guy to the left to hook you up.

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