Sunday, June 14, 2009

Top 15 Music Festival Gadgets Narrowed Down to Two

Estoy Pacheco is jonesing for one of these light sabres with the deflector shield.
Came across this page from across the pond about neat little gadgets to heighten your music festival experience. The pages take forever to cycle through so Estoy Pacheco is just gonna link you to our faves from the 15 gadgets that are presented.

Raising our skirt is the featured solar battery charger, that's definitely on the wish list to power up all the micro gear that we bring: iPod, dig camera, cellphone...but the sweetest gizmo is the light saber umbrella. We get to get one of these babies. Screw the festivals, I'm walking around with this thing rain or shine every night.

We have no idea if any of this stuff is available in America or what any of this stuff costs since all the prices are in pounds. Estoy Pacheco sells by the pound we don't buy with a pound. Aren't those crazy Europeans on the euro over there anyway? Isn't that why they call it the euro?

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