Sunday, June 14, 2009

Estoy Pacheco's Virtual Bonnaroo Concert

So you're bummed out that you didn't make it to this year's Bonnaroo and missed out on some peanut butter cups. Sit back, blaze one up and enjoy the virtual concert form the comfort of your own home with these live performance clips from some of the artists and bands playing on the final Sunday of Bonnaroo 2009.

Don't forget to save a little for when Phish hits the stage to close out the show.

Time for a little wake and bake with A.A. Bondy who kicks things off at noon from the Other Tent.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists follow Bondy on the Other Stage at 1:30.

If Ted Leo is a little too much, too soon, dial it down a notch and head over to the Sonic Stage and catch Elvis Perkins in Dearland for a quick half-hour set.

Make it over to the Which Stage and you will probably get there in time to hear this tune by Citizen Cope.

Depending on your mindspace at this time you are grooving with Robert Earl Keen at This Tent...

...or you are in the mood for a little Erikah Badu. She's so sweet to me, but if Erykah ain't where you're at (and she's at the What Stage), youse got lots a choices to mosey on elsehwere, but why would you?

When Erikah is done wowing the crowd Merle Haggard begins his 5:00 p.m. set at This Tent. If Merle's not yer cup of moonshine, A.A Bondy has a second set over at the Sonic Stage - in case you were still asnooze at noon.

Maybe now you are ready for the mosh pit that will surely be happenning at That Tent when Shadows Fall takes the stage....

... If Shadows Fall is fallin' on deaf ears then the Other Tent has Okkervil River. These guys are the last act to perform at the Other Tent, so you may want to lay back, regroup, or recharge because now you have some major decisions to make.

...Unless of course you knew that you needed that one hour downtime between when Erikah finished her set at the What Stage and the Dee Oh Double Gee kicks off his set. You know that there is gonna be a fine aroma in the air during Snoop's set.

Elsewhere, Band of Horses is at Which...

...Neko Case is at This and...

Coheed and Cambria is at That.

All fine options (they're all on my iPod) but I haven't left the main stage since Erikah lit up my life. I'm gonna hang with my Dogg. It's taken me this long to get this close to the stage and I'm not leaving now.

Like I said, there were decisions to make but now there are none. You don't have to think anymore - whether you can at this stage or not is subject to interpretation - but Bonnaroo 2009 closes with a four hour plus set by...

Goodnight everybody. Phish has left the building!

If you really want a virtual concert experience Phishheads have been finding novel ways to stream concerts on this tour.

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