Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Can't Smuggle Pot on a Surfboard

The haul, 25lbs of weed and a great story to tell the wife at home.
File this one under clueless. A 30 year old man was caught trying to smuggle 25 pounds of weed on his surfboard, in the ocean, right off the San Diego coast on Sunday morning.

As much as Estoy Pacheco likes surfing and herbs it never crossed our mind to combine our two favorite pastimes and get arrested. Maybe it was really good smoke, it had to have been to have come up with this feeble idea.

I can imagine the Border Patrol, sipping their morning cup of joe, looking out in the Pacific seeing some hapless dude paddling his board between Mexico and the United States with a bright blue duffel bag perched atop. They must have looked at one another and shook their heads.

Of course the BP had our hopeless pothead dead to rights but he wasn't done yet. To aid in his attempted getaway our prospective smuggler lightened his load by tossing the weed off the board so that he could paddle faster in the belief that he could outrun the boat.

There was no need for the boat as the BP waded out and brought him ashore. They then waited for the waves to wash ashore the haul estimated to have a street value of 75k.

Let this be a cautionary tale - nothing good can come from smuggling dope on your surfboard.

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